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flowers & edibles by subscription

How do you like the idea of doing the things you enjoy doing, as often as you want, without breaking the bank. Recreationables is the new innovative way to enjoy contactless cannabis without the hassle of sky high one-time delivery fees. We are hoping to bring you a price guarantee that will keep prices as low as possible without compromising cost and quality.

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Our Mission

To help people enjoy every moment of their lives with legal recreational products.

Our goal with Recreationables to find you a consistent supply of bud at the lowest price possible.

do the weed in 3 simple steps...
Step 1
What's your preference?

Sativa, Indica, Hybrid. We'll also offer sHybrid which is a sativa leaning hybrid and iHybrid for indica.

Browse our entire catalogue for your favorite strains.
Step 2
How much do you want?

Two simple weight options - Half-ounce and One-ounce. We keep it simple, we keep the main thing the main thing. Our main thing is to keep you stocked up.

Step 3
How often do you want it?

Every week? Every other week? Every month? If you are a regular user this is the best thing since sliced bread. We offer scheduled deliveries Weekly, Bi-weekly and Monthly.